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Catastrophic Injuries

When a serious or catastrophic injury occurs, as with all injury cases, we take responsibility for effective, aggressive investigation and representation. The following are examples of the kinds of catastrophic injury cases we handle on behalf of our clients:

  • Birth injuries caused by professional negligence before, during, or immediately following delivery;

  • Pediatric injuries, where the accident victim is an infant, toddler, child, or adolescent;

  • Spinal cord injury resulting in paraplegia or quadriplegia;

  • Burn injuries, whether caused by fire, electrocution, explosion, or chemical exposure;

  • Severe or moderate traumatic brain injury;

  • Acquired brain injury resulting from infection, toxic exposure, or hypoxia;

  • Brain injuries involving coma of various depth and duration;

  • Amputation of limb, hand, or foot, or loss of an eye or ear;

  • Extensive scarring or disfigurement.

The main legal challenges in most catastrophic injury cases are to make a persuasive and comprehensive presentation of your injuries by using solid evidence supported by highly credible expert opinion, while identifying responsible defendants whose resources or insurance will be sufficient to meet your documented damages. In all catastrophic injury cases, we carefully select and assemble a multidisciplinary team of medical, rehabilitative, and life care planning experts, whose experience and credentials match your specific situation.

These professionals are not only indispensable to the proof of damage claims, but they can also be helpful in promoting your physical recovery, and in helping your family adapt to the difficult realities of an uncertain prognosis or a permanent disability. Our past success in the most severe injury cases allows us to commit substantial investigative, professional, and forensic resources to the proof of your damages claims.

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